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Kiln maintenance- time to change the elements!

Gotta keep my one little kiln chugging along! I currently run both ^06 bisque and ^6 glaze firings out of a Skutt 1027-3”, which is a fabulous kiln, though just a tad small for the amount of pottery I produce. With the heavy work load, my elements have to be changed about once a year. It’s my absolute least favorite task, as it is extremely tedious and includes about an hour of upside down with all my blood pressure in my face fun. They also cost a pretty penny, so I always milk every firing I can get out of the old set. Pushing it too far risks ruining a whole load of pots, though, so it’s a fine line! My kiln log, visual evidence, and resistance tests all say today it’s the day, so here I go!

The good needs is, I’ll be all set for the upcoming fall and holiday push when firings will be going nearly daily.

(image shows the elements I just removed next to the new set I’m installing)

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