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Etsy is offering $10 off $40!

Heads up, Etsy has a coupon code for $10 off $40. Many of you may remember that Little e Pottery does not ever offer sales or discounts, but this is being offered by and funded by Etsy, at no cost to me! You get a deal, and I get my stated price! The code is YES10, and is only good today and tomorrow (ends 10/11/2023). I cannot extend the offer or apply retroactively, as the funds for the offer are coming from Etsy. visit to see available inventory and use the code!

______________________________________________________________________________________Little e Pottery does not ever run sales or offer discounts as a point of principle. Instead, I offer the best price I can on every item every day, so you never have to wait for a sale or offer! I do not offer quantity discounts because each item is handmade and takes the same amount of time, material, and firing energy to produce if I am making 1 or making 100. I came to this choice because I find myself annoyed as a consumer when I purchase something only to see that it was run on special a week later, or if I miss a sale I feel like I am overypaying. If they can afford to sell it for less, why not do it all the time? This led me to decide to opt out of the inflated price/ sale price game entirely so I can offer the same fair price to every person, every day! No waiting, searching for codes, or wondering if you will miss a better price. Buy at your leisure and know you are always getting my best price!

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