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Meet the team.

Creativity and productivity have always been an essential part of my life. I am a busy bee with ideas! My high school art teacher gave me inspiration and confidence in my ability to create a living for myself. I enrolled in UT Austin seeking a BFA in studio art in 1996. After I found my medium in clay I quickly gravitated toward functional wares. I am completely enamored by the idea of bringing beauty to the small moments in daily life, and using handmade artisan pottery has become an essential part of that practice in my own life. I not only make my own, but I also collect from other clay artists on a regular basis. I do not own any commercially made dishware, and my collection is vibrant, eclectic, and such a joy to my life! The beauty in functional pottery is that through use it gains meaning. Each piece is born in the hands of the potter forming the vessel out of raw earth, but it is transformed by the daily use and ritual of the owner of the pot. The tactile experience- the intimacy with which you interact with your favorite coffee mug, or even the adornment of a vase with fresh flowers, makes pottery become something more meaningful than just an object. The way a pot feels and how well it performs its role are a big part of that daily experience, and I always have this in mind as I refine my line and add new designs. I am so grateful that I have been able to create a career as full time professional potter. I love making beautiful functional items that will enrich the home experience of my customers. I feel an deep and enduring connection to my medium, and profound satisfaction in what I do. I couldn't do it without my amazing customers, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for buying and using my work!


Emily Brown, the potter.

My Support Crew

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