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Welcome to the brand new Little e Pottery Blog!

Some of you may have noticed that my Little e Pottery Facebook page has disappeared. I just noticed, too! It turns out that Facebook dumped me with no warning and all of my 12 years of content is gone. When I tried to log in recently I saw a notice that my page had been disabled on 05/26/2022, but it does not say why. It says they allowed 30 days from that date to request a review, but I never logged in during that time so I was unaware of the situation. Because I missed the deadline I am permanently locked out and my content is unavailable to me or anyone else. It's a super bummer!

I've decided that I'll start this blog so that any content I post going forward remains mine.

For this first post I'll just share a small taste of what I've been making over the summer. I've been having so much fun experimenting with glazes! I've continued to develop on the new techniques, and new color combinations and patterns are coming out regularly! I've also been bringing back some popular forms that I haven't had a chance to make in a while.

I may still re-start with social media at some point, but for now this will be the place to find updates on my new items and studio news.

If you want to see more of the new stuff, check out my Etsy store: . I'm making pots like a madman and adding new items weekly :)

Thanks for stopping by!




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