Barrel Mugs- handmade pottery
Straight Mugs - handmade pottery
Wheel Thrown Pottery Travel Mug
Hand Thrown Pottery Plates
Handmade pottery dinnerware
Pottery French Butter Crock
Handmade Pottery Earring Holder
Stoneware Pottery Pie Plate
Handmade Pottery Earring Tree
Hand Thrown Pottery Soap Pump Bottle
Handmade Pottery Oil Bottle
Wheel Thrown Pottery Travel Mug
Wheel Thrown Pottery Compost Crock
Handmade Pottery Chicken Baker
Handmade Pottery Compost Jar
Wheel thrown pottery honey jar
Stoneware Pottery Spoon Rest
Handmade Pottery Canister Set
Wheel Thrown Pottery Butter Keeper
Handmade Pottery Jewelry
Pottery Earrings by Little e Pottery
Handmade Pottery Necklace
Handmade Pottery Pendant

Handmade Pottery

for every day life

Little e Pottery Owner Emily Brown. Little e Pottery is handmade stoneware pottery. Wheel thrown mugs, dinnerware, home decor, and pottery jewelry

Each piece of Little e Pottery is made 100% by hand- on the potter's wheel, by hand forming, or a combination of both. No slip casting or commercial molds are used, so every piece has its own vibrant character. All glazes are lead free, food safe, and suitable for dishwasher, microwave, and oven use. The simple clean lines and equal emphasis on form and function make Little e Pottery perfect for daily use.

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